The Well-Being Show, That’s TV, Freeview Channel 7, Fridays 8pm

Emma-Jane presents The Well-Being Show for That’s TV. The show is full of well-being tips, lifestyle choices, nutrition, diet, lots of good advice for a better you plus so much more.
TUNE IN: Freeview Channel 7 on Fridays 8-830pm. Her new show promises to be great entertainment, have great guests with lots of motivation. She will be covering topics that have been sensitive to many and hopes to give hope to her viewers watching.
If you are interested in joining Emma-Jane on the sofa and you have a motivational story or you are a professional in well being/nutrition/exercise then please call 01491 877205 or email Emma-Jane’s PA Julie Green at
  • “It was a pleasure being interviewed by Emma-Jane on her wellbeing Show for That’s Oxford TV. Emma-Jane is friendly yet incredibly professional and driven. Her genuine interest and passion for wellbeing shines through her engagement and thoughtful questioning. Emma-Jane exudes a certain presence, where people want to listen to her as well as engage with her, so she is a perfect host. I can also clearly see how her background, skills and personalty afford her the gravitas to take on speaking engagements across many platforms including the corporate world. I highly recommend Emma-Jane”.

    Hayley Felton bsc (hons)
    Healer, Artist, Soulpreneur

  • ‘I’ve worked with Emma-Jane on a number of productions for TV and Video and she’s always been the ultimate professional. She clearly understands the importance of thorough preparation and hard work before filming and as a result has an engaging, confident and relaxed on-screen persona. Her experience as a presenter allows her to adapt effortlessly to any situation as well as bringing a fresh, creative eye when needed. I’d highly recommend Emma Jane.’

    Brian Naylor
    Group Training Director
    TV Training Academy

  • Even though I’ve only had the privilege to work with Emma Jane just the once (in her show) what I learned and notice about Emma was her drive and commitment to herself and her career, she was both friendly and efficient, qualities and attributes we rarely see together in the same person.

    Emma’s questioning style and innate curiosity make her a great asset to have at our disposition as they will most definitely add tremendous amounts of value to any person or organisation who wishes to work with her. I will most definitely be willing and ready to work with this incredibly focused lady..

    Jorge Vence
    International Author, Harley Street – Confidence and Success Coach, Trainer and Professional Social Marketer.