“Nothing can dim your light that shines within” tour

School Talks

When children become more aware of their own self-worth and that of others it improves social behaviour and helps with the anti-bullying movement, awareness and knowing what is right and what is wrong.

Developing children’s mindset encourages mental and emotional growth and stimulates positivity; something that Emma-Jane is hugely passionate about.

Emma-Jane is clear about the importance of encouraging children. “We need children to be more aware of life, more understanding of their surroundings and also to know what is important to their safety and that of others. We need children to have the confidence to use their voice, and not feel manipulated or bullied into difficult situations”.

Emma-Jane’s journey has allowed her to stand up, be present and turn her life around. Her values are strong, she supports and empowers many young people. She wants to see a difference in the education system, introducing sexual abuse conversations earlier to ensure children are kept safer with knowledge. Language around this conversation is important, and communication is key, regardless of your age. 

She is not afraid to speak up and out, and will continue to do so to give young people confidence to use their voice.

Her interactive workshops continue to develop young minds:

Presentation topics;

  1. Your voice – what do you want to say?
  2. Facing your fears – what is holding your back?
  3. Enjoy your challenges – how can your challenges add value to your life?
  4. Failures are lessons – the importance of embracing negativity
  5. You have never failed – do you understood the importance of going wrong?

Emma-Jane is DBS checked and holds a valid chaperone license. She supports and keeps up to date with www.youngminds.org.uk and continues to improve her research and knowledge for young adults through her own work, podcasts and training. 

She is the Founder and Director of StageWorks Performing Arts School for children aged 4-16 years old. Founded in 2000.