Transform your Future " your untapped potential"

Be mentally, emotionally and physically balanced to fit into your body the right way.

By assessing your current level of performance Emma-Jane will will plan the best way forward to facilitate and support your journey both professionally and personally. She works closely with your mind and body using her 25 years of PT/Nutrition and Weight training alongside NLP and CBT. She will facilitate a bespoke journey to find your success and enjoy your goals. Through the power of the virtual world she works across the Globe , GMT timezone. 

Emma-Jane focuses her clients on understanding the importance of their physical, mental and emotional well-being and to think outside of the box to create a mindset that is focused, positive and engaged. She guides, supports and listens to her clients needs and develops plans accordingly to assist client goals.

Emma-Jane delivers bespoke programmes which will not only give you the right tools to promote confidence and strength but will also engage your mind and body to face challenges and fears with a different thought process.

Her laser sharp attention to detail guides and challenges her clients through various different processes to create positive paths and mindsets that thrive and enjoy life constructively with new strategies that enable more opportunities and possibilities in a positive environment. 


Young Minds - Young people need reminding of their aims, purposes and goals. With CV19 hugely affecting many young people’s life it is vitally important that young minds are reminded of the positive influences in their life, and the opportunities they still have around them.

Emma-Jane Taylor offers 1-to-1 courses and small group courses (8 max per group) for young people.

Positive Mindset courses for ages 12-14 years old

Positive Mindset courses for ages 15-16 years old

Positive Mindset courses for ages 17+ 

If you would like more information please email HERE

*Emma-Jane Taylor is DBS checked, holds a chaperone license and is the Founder and Managing Director of StageWorks Performing Arts School, opened in 2000. She has been working with young people for over 25 years and fully understands the power of positive mindset, and what encouraging, confidence, determination and self belief brings to young people.

She is L3 PT, L3 CBT and a NLP Master Practitioner. She is also the Founder and Managing Director of NutritiousWorks, a fitness company for adults.

Please check out Emma-Jane's profile on the NRPT website



  • “I feel like I am flying after spending time with Emma-Jane. My career has changed direction and my relationship is more sparkly. I feel alive; bright eyed and bushy tailed, and have such good tools to help me continue in my life”.  Amanda, Oxfordshire, UK

  • Would like to say a very big THANK YOU to Emma-Jane for helping me over the last 12 weeks achieve my goals of losing weight and becoming fitter. I have lost nearly 2 stone in weight and inches from my hips and waist. Your training and guidance over the weeks has been truly AMAZING!! Training has been challenging at times, fun and most importantly varied. I really can't believe how I have improved. Never ran before and today did 5 Miles!! I feel great and will carry on in the New Year to reach another goal. As for the support with my eating plan it was: 1.Easy to follow 2.Never felt hungry 3.Learnt so much about portion sizes 4.Kept to plan and feel fantastic. So for anyone who feels like they need a helping hand I would highly recommend Emma-Jane. She will work with you , inspire you and always be at the end of a phone if you need help. Thanks so much Emma and hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas. Love Kathryn Invest in yourself. It will be well worth it. Kathryn
  • “I feel so much better about myself after spending time with E-J. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening to me and helping me so much during our 1 to 1’s. To have such positive help from an objective person has been invaluable”. Belinda, Spain

  • “After just one session with Emma-Jane I felt energised. She has this amazing ability to make you think differently yet positively and without guilt. She took away the heavy feeling I had been desperately holding on to and guided me through the woods to a clearing which was completely different to what I had ever expected in my life. I now feel like I can cope, my tools are powerful and my life is enjoyable once again. I feel child-like yet emotionally strong enough to cope with anything”. Joanna, Oxfordshire, UK

  • “I could not recommend more the ‘journey’ I undertook with Emma Jane. I truly believe that all of us should do the same. She is professional, caring, friendly and focused. It looks like she knew exactly what the problem was (and I am talking about the real one!). She helped me in discovering parts of myself I did not even know existed or did not pay attention to. Her approach is simple, respectful and effective. Every session was a step towards the light at the end of tunnel and I actually felt the improvement when it was happening. The best part happened at the end of the ‘journey’ when a new ‘I’ started waking up every morning, much more focused and lighthearted. Now, It feels like every breath takes more oxygen than when I started the ‘journey’ and it is simply amazing. I did not know at all what to expect and it was simply…brilliant!”

    Sergio, France

  • “When I spoke to Emma-Jane I was at a real crossroads in my life, unable to think clearly. After a consultation (where she built a picture of who I was and my goals), we pushed forward positively. EJ facilitates, she doesn't make decisions for you - you do that with some challenging thought process behind you. It was great to feel back in control and by the time we finished our sessions my mind was clearer but not only that I took control once again of my life and felt strong and positive about doing so. I felt her mentoring sessions were the best positive affirmation I could have received at a difficult point in my life. Her professional approach to creating positive mindset has allowed me to build my business with a fresh set of eyes and focus. I am much more open minded and excited about my future. Thanks EJ, you are a guiding light.”

    TL, London

  • EJ, Bloody brilliant really enjoying Bootcamp!! Andrew
  • “Just an evening with Emma-Jane was the start of my journey back. I have made small but significant changes and confronted all that was pulling me down. Keep doing what you are doing E-J, you are truly blessed.”

    Natasha, Berkshire, UK

  • “Emma-Jane Taylor presented for us at the Madejski Stadium for the NatWest Venus Awards Thames Valley 2017. An amazing woman with an inspirational story. She is very engaging and we had dozens of favourable comments about her presentation skills.”

    Tara Howard, Venus Awards, Bournemouth

  • “I worked with Emma-Jane for a number of months and felt during that time I grew both as a person and in confidence. She has a knack of making you see things clearly and as a result you feel more able to tackle issues/problems/people. She reassured me that I am capable and strong and made me feel good about myself again. It is comforting to know that even though we no longer meet regularly she is always there for me.”

    Rachel, Oxfordshire

  • “Emma Jane has an upbeat manner and is very positive. It was great to look at my life and then really focus down on the areas that I really wanted to improve. I found that the sessions were a pleasurable experience. The sessions provided lots of positive reinforcement and a framework to help me identify the changes I wanted to make at a time of my life when I was faced with numerous challenges. In summary Emma Jane has enabled me to transform my life and I will be forever grateful.”

    Emma, London

  • “Emma-Jane helped me open my eyes to my strengths, and gave me wings in our interview reminding me to keep flying. She is inspirational effortlessly and exudes positivity. She loved my seasoning and books and also encouraged the Nutritionist I was with to keep building. An amazing person that you meet once and never forget. Emma, Thank You.”

    Nutritionist and Author, Janice Weir - Germia

  • I had an eye opening journey with life changing results that have given me confidence, balance and determination. Emma-Jane has a secret formula to share with anyone willing to listen, learn and align with. I am so happy with my results, which have given me a happier life. I have been able to understand that I need to fit into my body the right way; physically, mentally and emotionally. I have tools to cope, thoughts to challenge and take her right arm / left arm analogy. Joanna
  • Could I do a 28 day AB challenge? I normally give up after 14 days but with EJ giving you exercises each week rather than a daunting 4 week plan, it didn't seem impossible. It's not easy by any means and I could certainly feel my abs during & after each session. But at the end of 4 weeks I have lost 4cms off my waist so the pain was worth it! EJ was available for guidance throughout the challenge and her encouragement certainly helped me get through all the exercises! Emma
  • I have been doing a private fitness training for 12 years plus twice a week. When I started I was very overweight and totally unfit. Over the years through a bespoke program that is never boring in that I never know what to expect, in that the session could be cardio/weights/stretching/boxing I have controlled my weight and have a fitness level that probably people half my age would envy. There is also the opportunity to do Bootcamps/Insanity,etc. I would totally recommend Emma for a dependable careful program that is guaranteed to get results. Thanks Mrs Motivator!
    John, Oxfordshire

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