Personal Development Mentoring / Coaching

Are you looking to re-focus your life, need to get through a difficult phase or do you simply want to unburden yourself from life’s chains?
Emma-Jane Taylor aka The Inspirational Mentor guides all of her clients through a bespoke journey to remove personal chains allowing her clients to live with a new mindset that is focused, positive, content and gives a new energy that allows a more focused life that clients have so desperately needed.
Emma-Jane guides her clients to create their own positive paths with focused thoughts that allow journeys to continue happily. Life is such a short experience it is important we all grab hold of it and lose the negativity that can quite often weight us down.
Emma-Jane gives her clients the tools to think outside of the box, she gives them all confidence to be productive and challenging with their responses and ensures they are surrounded with the right strengths and personalities.
Emma-Jane has mentored many people to ‘become themselves once again’. She has guided them back from the edge to a happy life which is shackle free, and energised.

International Speaker & Mentor

Emma-Jane speaks publicly on her journey in life and how her life has turned around. She also mentors her clients to discover a life they have been dreaming of…. life is such a short experience it is important we all grab hold of it and lose the negativity that can quite often weigh us down.


  • “I feel like I am flying after spending time with Emma-Jane. My career has changed direction and my relationship is more sparkly. I feel alive; bright eyed and bushy tailed, and have such good tools to help me continue in my life”.  Amanda, Oxfordshire, UK

  • “I feel so much better about myself after spending time with E-J. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening to me and helping me so much during our 1 to 1’s. To have such positive help from an objective person has been invaluable”.
    Belinda, Spain

  • “After just one session with Emma-Jane I felt energised. She has this amazing ability to make you think differently yet positively and without guilt. She took away the heavy feeling I had been desperately holding on to and guided me through the woods to a clearing which was completely different to what I had ever expected in my life. I now feel like I can cope, my tools are powerful and my life is enjoyable once again. I feel child-like yet emotionally strong enough to cope with anything”. Joanna, Oxfordshire, UK