“Nothing can dim your light that shines within” tour

“Nothing can dim your light that shines within” tour

Emma-Jane Taylor Author ~ International Speaker ~ Mentor

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“Nothing can dim your light that shines within” tour

Emma-Jane Taylor is visiting schools as part of her ‘Nothing can dim your light that shines within’ (#nodimlighthere2019) tour to build confidence and develop self-belief in children. Schools very much need positive mindset in an age where social media / media awareness and fear is taking young adults confidence. When children become more aware of their own self-worth and that of others it improves social behaviour and helps with the anti-bullying movement. Developing children’s mindset positivity encourages mental and emotional growth and stimulates positivity.

Emma-Jane will balance her talks to include equality & diversity. She will create a safe environment for children to openly discuss any topic. She encourages students with severe behaviour or personality disorders to be nurtured and enjoy reflection sessions to save them from school exclusion.

‘Nothing can dim your light that shines’ within talks (for girls & boys) are titled as follows:

Your voice ~ Facing your fears ~ Enjoying your challenges ~ You have never failed

Emma-Jane wants to give back and share her life experiences to enable others to understand the importance of speaking up, surviving, and enjoying the lessons we have been faced given.

Nothing is ever a failure.

Emma-Jane’s personal story has given her many tools to survive. Her journey has allowed her to stand up, be present and turn her life around. She has learnt how to use her voice, enjoy her journey, and how during her troubled years she not only wanted to be listened to, but she wanted to be heard. Her values are strong, she supports and empowers many women and men with her honest and open account of life and the many benefits of speaking up and out during difficult times. She wrote her debut book, Don’t Hold Back (available on Amazon) to free herself from her demons and to give H.O.P.E (Hold On Pain Ends) to those suffering in silence. Through her own professional background in Performing Arts, Fitness & Mentoring she also knows the benefit from daily exercise / performing arts as well as enjoying gentle meditation/yoga which she promotes throughout her work. Being mentally and emotionally fit develops physical fitness, it all works together and she will restore belief and show children it is all worth it.

Emma-Jane Taylor speaks regularly to encourage, empower and support young adults with their personal development. She is the Brand Ambassador for Riverside Counselling (counselling service for young, 12+, vulnerable adults). She is a business owner, running a series of lifestyle businesses from children through to adults (www.theworkscompany.co.uk). Her high energy presentations offer thought provoking interactive and motivational advice to encourage young adults to adopt new concepts and challenges. She has a proven track record of speaking with authority on health and well-being matters and how they can impact our life, she was the presenter for The Well-Being Show with That’s TV for 4 years (2013-2017) and now presents the Well-Being show on Mid-Morning Matters for Marlow FM Radio and also her own YouTube channel, The Emma Jane Show which focuses on mental health, real people, real life stories and giving others a voice. Her high-profile life & work makes her a recognised leader and speaker which can be an asset to your school. She has presented for over 10 years on health and well-being, mental health,

emotional and physical fitness and was recently asked to be involved with the BBC Three Eye to Eye documentary looking at how people respond to strangers. She challenges her audiences to face their fears, enjoy fresh challenges, speak up, be seen and understand how the glass is half full (never empty!)

Her interactive workshops (below) create successful paths, and quality team play.

  • Your voice – what do you want to say?
  • Facing your fears – What is holding your back?
  • Enjoy your challenges – How can your challenges add value to your life?
  • Failures are lessons – it is important to embrace negativity
  • You have never failed – Do you understood the importance of going wrong?

    Emma-Jane is DBS checked and holds a valid chaperone license. She supports and keeps up to date with www.youngminds.org.uk using this platform she continues to improve her research and knowledge for young adults.

    For more information or to arrange a meeting with Emma-Jane Taylor, please email theinspirationalmentor@gmail.com or call me on 01491 877205

    Yours sincerely

    Julie Green

    Julie Green PA to Emma-Jane Taylor, The Inspirational Mentor

    Emma-Jane Taylor is the CEO of The Works Company (theworkscompany.com)