Motivational Speaker

Emma-Jane Taylor

Any leader knows that motivation is critical to running a successful team. Many corporations, large or small, rely on external speakers to complement in-house expertise and add credibility and perspective to motivate staff and build successful teams.

Emma-Jane’s speaks publicly on her personal story of abuse and abandonment and how her journey has allowed her to stand up, be present and turn her life around. She has understood the values of being a survivor and how being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people has given her the personal strength to stand tall and continue to be focused. She has discovered her voice, her journey, and how she not only wanted to be listened to, but she wanted to be heard. Her values are strong, she supports and empowers many women and men with her honest and open account of life and the benefits of speaking out.

Her professional life has developed over the last 25 years or so. She is a self taught entrepreneur running a series of lifestyle businesses. She has a natural flair for understanding how to keep growing and developing businesses. She faces any business changes with new ideas and inspirations to continue giving what she can back to society and of course growing business.

She has a proven track record of speaking with authority on health and wellbeing matters and how they can impact work and productivity. She offers high energy thought provoking motivational speeches to encourage her audience to adopt new concepts and conquer new challenges. Her high profile life, overseas presentations and work has made her a recognised speaker which is an asset to attendance and media interest.

  • She spoke about her life journey and business at The Venus Awards 2017 – audience of 400
  • She spoke at the Media Hub, Cookham on how surviving became her lifeline during the hardest moments in life
  • Brand Ambassador for Bio-Extracts in Las Vegas 2017
  • Motivational Speaker/Mentor at The OceanWorks Retreat, Menorca, 2017
  • Motivational speaking at SHEnetWORKS networking event for women, 2018

She works in close collaboration with clients to align her expertise with their goals and objectives. This ensures the best audience experience possible. For more information please email