Don’t Hold Back

How many times in your life have you wished you had stood up, said something and made a difference? 

As a young girl Emma-Jane was told she was going nowhere. She was told this as she left senior school. The truth was that at that point in her life she appeared to have gone down a dark lane. She had failed most of her exams, had spent most of her time bunking off school, had started drinking alcohol at 13 and was sent to a psychiatrist by the age of 14 and labelled a juvenile delinquent.

On paper it wasn’t looking so good. But her reality was very different. She shares her traumatic story in her debut book published in 2018. Emma-Jane shares what she found helped her find her success, and she does not mean monetary!

What people are saying…

This is a book not just to read, but to act on. Practical tips & exercises to help in the journey. So many learns from the Life Bubble. Imogen Scott

I love the way Emma-Jane speaks with such an open heart and bears all of this in this raw and authentic manner. Once you have opened that up she gives you some great tools to help you on your journey to heal. With thought-provoking questions that will have you delving deep into your own mind. Lisa WalkerLife’s Little Puzzles

In this book, Emma-Jane speaks from her heart and her own experiences. This allows her to take you by the hand and guide you from dark to light, on your journey to recovery. She holds you in her gentle embrace and gives you a toolbox to make your dreams a reality.  Juliet Cox

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I have never shared my story, so this is equally exciting and terrifying at the same time…..Emma-Jane Taylor