Headlined in The Sun Newspaper, 2020

Emma-Jane is an activist focused on reducing child sex abuse. She is the voice for many hearts across the world. She is not afraid to speak out on the subjects that many people find taboo.

She was recently invited to give the keynote speech at the NSPCC's Celebrity Chef Fundraiser, at the Guildhall. Her speech raised over £22,000 for their charity.

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In 2020 she was headlined in The Sun newspaper with her personal story and is now writing her second book focused on reducing child sex abuse. She is determined to not hide away from the conversations around Child Sex Abuse and recently gave comment to The Bill Cosby case in Grazia Magazine.

Professionally, she is the CEO of The Works Company, the Author of Don’t Hold Back, Keynote Speaker, Personal Development Mentor.

She supports many charities and is an Ambassador for Smart Works Reading, Riverside Counselling, Berkshire Community Foundation and World Jenny's Day. In 2021 she was one of the many volunteers who were honoured with a Queen’s Award for Voluntary Services for her Ambassador role with Smart Works Reading.

Emma-Jane has worked with many credible businesses throughout her career as a presenter, keynote speaker and mentor including the BBC, Amazon Web Services, That’s TV, Presenter Academy, Bio Extracts in Las Vegas where she presented to many USA TV channels, Barclays Bank London, Newton Europe, GYB Canada, BBCs Dr Darren McKeown, Marlow FM, River Radio, Inspire Radio and in 2019 she spoke on behalf of Smart Works at The House of Commons.

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''Emma-Jane is the next Oprah'' Dave Reynolds, 2018

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As a young girl Emma-Jane was told she was a failure, the girl going nowhere. She was told this as she left senior school. The truth was that at that point in her life she appeared to have gone down a dark lane. She had failed most of her exams, had spent most of her time bunking off school, had started drinking alcohol at 13 and was sent to a junior psychiatrist at the age of 14 and before she knew it she had a juvenile delinquent label slapped on her.

On paper it wasn’t looking so good. But her reality was very different.

She shares her story in her debut book published in 2018, Don’t Hold Back.

She was sexually assaulted at 9 years old and at 11 years old her biological father told her he could not see her again ~ something that took the wind out of her sails. Feeling lonely, scared and anxious she sadly fell into the hands of a family acquaintance who groomed her for the next few years, she was 13 years old. She was broken by 15. Her school life struggled and she was often sent to isolation, was labelled a juvenile delinquent by a child psychiatric and often suspended;  none of which were effective.

Throughout her teenage years she drank excessively, took drugs, was bulimic, struggled with OCD, night terrors, paranoia, nausea. By 17 she was pretty exhausted and she now knows was suffering from PTSD.

In 1995 (aged 23) she went into therapy.

She launched her first business aged 24 years old.

Her book has been read across the globe. She always said if she could help one person find their voice then it will have all been worth it. She has since had thousands of messages thanking her and knows people in their 80's who have started therapy since reading her book.

In 2019 she was proud to have been asked to speak alongside Alok Sharma at The House of Commons by Smart Works Reading Founder & Director Sarah Burns MBE. Sarah said “Emma-Jane is a passionate and authentic speaker with relatable clear messages. She keeps her audiences engaged by her genuine and insightful knowledge”

Emma-Jane is well known for her high-energy thought provoking and motivational speeches that encourage her audiences to adopt new concepts or conquer new challenges and face their fears as well as find their voice. She is not afraid to speak out on any subject.

She is the Founder of Breaking the Silence, and supports men and women across the globe to be authentic, find their voice and be listened to.

She is a regular blogger and writes articles for social media as well as many media connections. She presents the Power Hour and The Well-Being Show for River Radio and is also the presenter for Be Real, Be You with Yowah Radio.

Her vision and mission of supporting anyone who has gone through difficult times or is going through difficult times, comes from her own personal journey, experiences and lessons. She wants to close the gap of pain for those struggling in silence and encourage people to use their voice and face their fears to enjoy their challenges, and also to be their authentic self - something she learnt was an important part of her own development and success. Her messages are clear 'you are worth it, you do make a difference and you are loved'.

"Just an evening with Emma-Jane was the start of my journey back. I have made small but significant changes and confronted all that was pulling me down. Keep doing what you are doing E-J, you are truly blessed". Natasha, Berkshire, UK


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The Sun Newspaper, Happiful Magazine (UK), Counselling Directory (UK), Love it! Magazine (UK), Love What Matters Online blog (Global 8 million followers), Global Guest Blog for The Divine Breadcrumb, Henley Life, Henley Herald, Berkshire Life, Henley Standard, Her Edit Magazine (UK), Henley Stadard, Miss Jones Blog, Hrtwarming Stories online blog (USA – 2.5 million followers), We are the City, Industry Leaders

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Author and motivational speaker Emma-Jane Taylor is courageous and unstoppable. She spoke about her book ‘’Don’t Hold Back’’ at the Media Hub in the autumn of 2018. Her moving and powerful personal story captivated the audience and even moved some members to tears. Emma-Jane speaks from the heart and is resilience personified. I would definitely recommend Emma-Jane Taylor as a guest speaker - she inspires everyone she meets and offers those encountering challenges in their lives hope. Sarah Parfitt, Media Hub Founder

...too positive to be doubtful, too optimistic to be fearful and too determined to be defeated!"Emma-Jane Taylor

Professional Qualifications: CBT L3, NLP Practitioner & NLP Masters Practitioner, L3 PT, Nutrition & Weight Management Consultant, Core & Circuit Instructor, Level 2 Gym Instructor (City & Guilds), Functional Training, Member of REPS & REPS insured, Aerobics RSA Exercise to Music Instructor, INSANITY instructor, P90x Instructor, YMCA trained Step Instructor, ACSM Certified, CPD, First Aid (Red Cross), Member of the National Register of Personal Trainers (NRPT), DBS Checked, Chaperone Licensed, and of course a keen member of the University of Life.

Nothing is beyond limits with Emma-Jane "I was born in 1972 and grew up in Marlow, Buckinghamshire. I never set out to be an author, speaker or CEO, my life led me that way and I guess it just happened and felt right at that time (and still does). My debut book Don't Hold Back is a motivational self help book that was published in 2018 to encourage others to find their voice and to give thought and process into the difficulties around child sex abuse, rejection and abandonment based on my personal story. When I left school I was told I was a failure, the girl going nowhere and had a juvenile delinquent badge slapped on me when I was aged 13 years old by my psychiatrist. Most people thought I would be dead or in prison by the time I was 20 years old- fortunately neither, although for many the resultant mental trauma from child sex abuse is prison enough. I have found my success (and I don't mean monetary) through therapy, business, communication, collaboration, support, fitness, well-being, and writing. In 2021 I put pen to paper for my second book focused on reducing child sex abuse along with a global project that is focused on education, knowledge and awareness to make a much needed change. My door is always open to survivors. I will not rest until I have done what I feel I can to give children the chance to sleep peacefully at night with nice dreams not nightmares".

For all enquiries please contact Christine Milne at emmajanepa@gmail.com or call 01491 877205.